Building Tomorrow…Together!


ERC Only…NSE…Stenson Tamaddon

Together, we generate the “maximum, qualified & defendable” Employee Retention Tax Credit refund for your business

Our commitment to your success is clear and essential.  We leverage a collaboration of best-in-class organizations to deliver an optimized outcome for you, ensuring the highest level of service integrity.  Remember, at the end of the process together, we are securing funds targeted for your business, and issued by the IRS.


Why are you here…great question.  You most likely visited this page because you were introduced to the ERTC Program by our world-class marketing team from ERC Only, LLC. Their highly trained Account Executives serve as your stage one advisor to get you started on this journey.  ERC Only is one of the most highly regarded marketing and sales organizations in North America.  They are educating small- and medium-sized business operators in all aspects of the ERTC Refund process and benefits, not to mention a wide range of other available tax credits.

The proverbial “glue” in the program is provided by New Shoes Enterprises, LLC (NSE) as it facilitates, or project manages, and communicates among the various entities. In a very real sense, it functions as a behind-the-scenes activities communication and QC department for most companies.  NSE has been supporting business operations for its small- to medium-sized business clients for 20+ years.  It has supported thousands of clients like you, will continue to stand the test of time, and be here to support you long after you have received your ERTC refund check from the IRS.

The proprietary “tax credit optimization” system is the “magic” in our process and created by the processing partner in the program, Stenson Tamaddon (StenTam). It fulfills the functional processes of calculating and filing the amended payroll tax forms (941X) for our clients.   Stenson Tamaddon leverages compliance-first technology to optimize and defend tax credit filing outcomes for our clients.

Together, we have decades of experience, technical expertise, and a client success focus that no other provider can offer for you to secure your ERTC Refund.  We appreciate your confidence and will be by your side to support your ERTC needs today and well into the future!  Imagine the possibilities for your business when you receive your ERTC refund!

We can’t wait to experience it together…

Have more questions?  Email us at or contact your assigned ERC Only Account Executive.