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As a tax technology firm and trusted tax professionals, we’ve helped thousands of clients access government incentives and tax credit opportunities with our compliance first process.

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Your one-stop shop for specialty tax incentives and government stimulus programs.

We are firmly rooted in technology, enabling us to help our clients easily and compliantly unlock financial resources as we provide hands-on support throughout the entire relationship.

Why Work With StenTam?

The StenTam Shield: Compliance-focused so you’re protected. No free falls here.

Here at StenTam, we use technology to bring powerful tax support to our clients. We develop solutions, engineer innovative technology, and help our clients with their specialty tax needs. Our proprietary tax technology combined with a hands-on approach helps our clients get the results they deserve while sourcing maximum government incentives and tax credit opportunities.

We are a multidisciplinary tax technology firm dedicated to helping our clients access available tax credits and incentives from the local, state and federal government. We offer a vast amount of experience and in-depth knowledge of how the IRS operates.


Secure Technology

Our proprietary software enables you to securely transfer information to our team with every transaction.



Never skipping a beat: working with our team means that every filing gets executed with a focus on compliance.

Risk-Free Filing

Each claim receives the appropriate documentation and audit ready file. StenTam is your long-term solution, and will help you defend your claim should there be an inspection.

We call our customers our friends.

No need to take our word for it! Just a few of our five-star reviews.

Compliance. Security. Peace of Mind.

Tax technology with 30+ years of combined experience

Built from the ground up as a tax technology firm, we’re focused on helping our clients with tax credits and government stimulus programs. The StenTam OS portal delivers a secure and easy to use platform for each of our clients.

We’re Ready When You Are.

It’s easy to learn if your business might qualify for tax credits or incentives. Schedule a no obligation consultation with one of our associates today.

Curious about how much your company may be missing out on accessing? We can help you understand if you qualify for any funds.

StenTam Highlights

Tax Advantages for S Corporations 

Tax Advantages for S Corporations 

More than 65 years ago, the United States Congress established S corporations to eliminate double taxation and encourage the creation of small businesses. Today, there are more than five million S corporations in the U.S. — three times the number of C corporations....

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