Compliance Focused and Tax Tech Driven

Delivering accurate and compliant tax filing, giving you confidence and peace of mind.

StenTams’ cloud-based technology and experience-built solutions help businesses access maximum government incentives and tax credit opportunities with a dedicated focus on compliance.

As a StenTam client, you’ll receive:

Personalized Client Dashboard

  • Secure transfer of information to our team with every transaction
  • Automated Calculations Insure Accuracy
  • Secure transfer of information
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Payroll Integration

As a StenTam client, you’ll receive:

Audit Defense

  • Receive Audit ready file at 941x filing
  • StenTam team of tax lawyers, CPAs and associates will defend your claim
  • Peace of mind if there is an IRS inspection of your client

The StenTam Compliance Team

We’re here to help businesses navigate the complexities of tax credit and government incentive programs.

Tax laws and regulations are complex and constantly changing. Failure to comply with these laws and regulations can result in significant financial and legal penalties.

Our multidisciplinary team approach of CPAs, Tax Attorneys, Technologists, and Engineers means that we help clients maximize their tax opportunities and reduce risk. We help identify any potential areas of compliance risk and work to mitigate those risks to ensure tax credits and incentives are claimed accurately and within the program guidelines.

Our team has over 30+ years of combined experience working with businesses of all sizes.



Proprietary Tax Technology helps deliver a secure and complaint process to claiming tax credits.

Audit & Legal Support

Audit & Legal Support

Each claim receives the appropriate documentation and audit ready file and StenTam will help you defend your claim should there be an inspection.

You’ve Got a Team

You’ve Got a Team

A team approach of CPAs, Tax Attorneys, Technologists, and Engineers mean to help client maximize their tax opportunities and reduce risk.

Our Principles


We are driven by innovation to bring solutions where they have never existed before. We use proprietary tax technology to deliver an end-to-end solution to our customers and partners. Through innovation, we achieve results.


As your specialty tax provider, we lead through our dedication to your business’s success. We help customers leverage maximum benefits with personalized, professional support.


We’re dedicated to your growth and helping you take advantage of all the credits you may be eligible for while maintaining strict adherence to program guidelines.


We’re here for the long-term delivering on-going support to our clients with existing and future tax incentive programs. We continue to invest in tax focused technology to make claiming credits easy, accurate and compliant.

Compliance Insights

Can Startups Qualify for R&D Credits?

Can Startups Qualify for R&D Credits?

The Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit can be an excellent financial resource if your business is committed to innovating new or improved products, processes, technologies, or software. Unlike a tax deduction that reduces your taxable income, the R&D...

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Employee Retention Credit FAQs

Employee Retention Credit FAQs

Since the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced the launch of the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) in March 2020, there has been a bevy of questions about it. The program has proven confusing for business owners to figure out if they qualify at all. And if they do...

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Accounting For Employee Retention Credit [Guide]

Accounting For Employee Retention Credit [Guide]

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted both small and large businesses worldwide, including many in the United States. To help domestic companies cope with the financial impact of pandemic restrictions and continue to compete in a global economy, the U.S. government launched...

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