CPA & Tax Professionals

Maximize Your Client Relationships, Bring in the Special Teams

Offer additional lines of service, leverage your relationships, and generate passive income.

Why Partner With StenTam


As a provider, CPAs and Tax Professionals are the quarterback for businesses and their owner’s success. While having a broad scope as a generalist gives unique insight of the field, there are times when special teams are required. That’s where StenTam can be an invaluable resource to you and your clients. Our referral partner program delivers a team of multidisciplinary tax providers focused on helping claim specialty tax credit opportunities for your client.


We understand the importance of the relationship between you and your client. That’s why each referral partner and their clients receive a dedicated team to help guide the process on claiming tax credits and, most importantly, support the claim in the future.

Compliance First + Tech-Driven

We make things easy, secure and transparent every step of the way with our proprietary technology, StenTam OS. Your client will easily upload, manage, and claim all their eligible tax incentives in one place to easily provide superior results.

Passive Income

Invest in your future as a StenTam referral partner. As you help your clients and grow your business, you will earn from referring new clients.