Technology-Enabled Tax Credit Filing

Our unique tax credit-focused technology supports each client’s success by maximizing ROI, ensuring a focus on compliance, and offering audit-ready solutions.

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More than 3.4B in Stimulus Funds Retrieved for 4000+ Companies

Our dedication to compliance, supported by our proprietary technology, has opened up new opportunities for companies to realize their eligibility for stimulus programs and maximize the federal funding that they would have otherwise never received.

“I’m really impressed at how efficient Stenson Tamaddon’s systems are. I really feel like they have my back, and I can access my filing information at any time.” – Joanna C., Salt Lake City

This client isn’t the only one that has experienced the benefits of working with our expert tax team and our exclusive tax-filing technology. Along with the ease of access, our platform is ready to help you avoid the hassle of the IRS by having access to an audit-ready portfolio – an exclusive service provided by Stenson Tamaddon.

Wrap Around Audit Support

ERC Professional Services & Expertise

Trusted tax resources, CPAs, and attorneys to ensure that your organization remains secure and compliant
across the entire credit filing journey

Customer Compliance Portal

File credits safely with qualification attestation, payroll reconciliation, PPP and tax credit allocation and real-time compliance dashboard

Calculations and Filings Engine

Automatically calculate estimated returns in real-time

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Tech Stack




Data & Security

Technology-Driven Tax Credits and Stimulus Funding

We Stand Behind Our Filing Compliance and Make it Easy for You

Maximize Your ROI

Work with our team of tax experts and harness the power of our technology-enabled, compliance-focused filing process to get the money you deserve.

Make Filing Easy

File for any tax credit without the hassle of the typical headaches of working with multiple firms. We do the work for you and make sure you don’t miss a cent.

Best Technology

We don’t cut corners and have created technology that not only covers every base for you, but even helps us better identify other opportunities for your business.

Receive free access to this exclusive compliance technology!

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