Defining the tax tech Approach

Our technology-enabled, compliance-focused solutions help clients maximize their tax credits and incentives, provide audit ready solutions and streamline the filing process.

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Compliance Portal

  • Easy navigation, step by step process, you’ll always know where you’re at in your filing.
  • Integrated Client Eligibility Questionnaire, ensures compliance with IRS program guidelines.
  • Secure, protect your sensitive organizational information.
  • Communicate directly with your CSM and securely share important documents.

Payroll Integrations

Payroll provider integration helps you upload the critical payroll files needed for accurate and compliant filing.

Automated Calculations

  • Maximize your claim by reconciling out PPP payroll to determine eligible wages.
  • Includes all data points specific to program guidelines.
  • Produces complete and accurate amended return file.
  • Mitigates potential audit risk due to inaccurate calculations.

Compliance Monitoring

StenTam monitors your claim from initial filing of the 941x though receipt of the 210 and your refund checks. Our compliance team calls the IRS every 30 days to check the status of your claim and we deliver support long after you’ve received your refund checks.

Technology-Driven Tax Credits

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Technology-Driven Tax Credits

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Technology-Driven Tax Credits

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Tax Advantages for S Corporations 

Tax Advantages for S Corporations 

More than 65 years ago, the United States Congress established S corporations to eliminate double taxation and encourage the creation of small businesses. Today, there are more than five million S corporations in the U.S. — three times the number of C corporations....

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