Clean Energy Tax Credits

The Exchange Platform for Clean Energy Transferable Tax Credits

StenTam connects renewable energy developers, highly qualified tax credit buyers, and project investors in an open market exchange for transferable tax credits.

What are Transferable Clean Energy Tax Credits?

Welcome to the world of Transferable Clean Energy Tax Credits – a powerful incentive driving the transition to a sustainable and eco-friendly future. These innovative financial incentives created by the Inflation Reduction Act aim to connect Clean Energy Developers and Qualified C-Corps to further investment in renewable energy technologies while reducing Corporate Tax liabilities. Clean Energy Tax Credits, including Investment Tax Credits (ITCs) and Production Tax Credits (PTCs), allow Corporations to reduce their tax liability in a safe and compliant manner through investments in solar power, wind energy, geothermal systems, and more. Through the transferability of Clean Energy Tax Credits the partnership between Clean Energy Producers, Qualified C-Corps, and Stenson Tamaddon are paving the way for the world’s transformation to cleaner energy. Discover how StenTam Energy can help connect Developers and Corporations to invest in a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.

Why StenTam Exchange?

  • Expertise and Specialization: Stenson Tamaddon specializes in clean energy tax credits, bringing a deep understanding of the intricacies involved.
  • Proven Track Record: With a history of successfully guiding clients through the intricate world of tax credits We have processed thousands of tax credits and facilitated the transfer of over one billion dollars to businesses.
  • Tailored Solutions: Through the diversification of bespoke packaged Clean Energy Projects, we offer buyers a customized solution best suited to match and reduce the tax liability.
  • Comprehensive Services: Through our other business lines, we have business relationships and access to hundreds of qualified C-Corps ready to purchase transferable tax credits.
  • Expertise in Tax Credit Monetization: Stenson Tamaddon specializes in navigating the complexities of tax credit monetization. Our in-depth knowledge and experience ensure that clean energy developers can unlock the full value of their transferable tax credits.

In summary, utilizing Stenson Tamaddon for your clean energy tax credit needs offers a strategic advantage in optimizing financial gains, ensuring compliance, and benefiting from their specialized expertise. Make a wise choice for your clean energy endeavors by partnering with Stenson Tamaddon – a reliable partner committed to your success in the sustainable energy landscape.

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Project Developers

Working with StenTam’s due diligence legal team, we document, prepare, and market your renewable energy tax credits to our buyer syndicate. StenTam then packages your credits and promotes them to a diversified set of qualified and ready buyers. You set the price and we negotiate on your behalf to deliver maximum value.

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Tax Credit Buyers

Through the Inflation Reduction Act, qualified C-Corps are now able to purchase clean energy tax credits and thus lower their tax liability. StenTam Credit Exchange offers corporations compliant, vetted, and custom-packaged credits that both reduce your tax bill and propel the world’s transformation to clean energy forward.

The StenTam Clean Energy Credits Transaction Process

  • Step 1: Initial Consultation and Assessment The Clean Energy Developer (CED) contacts Stenson Tamaddon to explore the potential monetization of their transferable tax credits. In the initial consultation, Stenson Tamaddon gathers information about the CED’s clean energy project, the type and amount of transferable tax credits available, and the CED’s financial goals.
  • Step 2: Valuation and Strategy Development Stenson Tamaddon evaluates the transferable tax credits and determines their market value based on current market conditions, regulatory factors, and demand. They work closely with the CED to understand their priorities and goals, whether it’s maximizing the credit value or achieving a quick sale.
  • Step 3: Listing on the Auction Exchange Stenson Tamaddon will list the transferable tax credits on the Exchange, which connects buyers and sellers of tax credits. We prepare a comprehensive listing that highlights the value and benefits of the tax credits, including details about the clean energy project, the type of credits available, and potential financial returns.
  • Step 4: Marketing and Promotion Stenson Tamaddon utilizes our network and industry connections to promote the tax credits to potential buyers, including C-Corp buyers seeking clean energy tax credits to offset their tax liabilities. We create targeted marketing materials and engage in outreach efforts to attract interested parties.
  • Step 5: Buyer Engagement and Negotiation When a C-Corp buyer expresses interest in the listed tax credits, Stenson Tamaddon facilitates communication and negotiation between the CED and the buyer. We help both parties understand the terms of the transaction, address any questions or concerns, and work towards a mutually beneficial agreement.
  • Step 6: Due Diligence and Documentation Stenson Tamaddon ensures that all necessary due diligence is conducted to verify the legitimacy of the tax credits and the clean energy project. We assist in gathering and preparing the required documentation, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and legal procedures.
  • Step 7: Closing the Transaction Once all parties are satisfied and the terms are finalized, Stenson Tamaddon assists in finalizing the transaction. We oversee the transfer of tax credits from the CED to the C-Corp buyer and facilitate the exchange of funds.
  • Step 8: Post-Transaction Support After the transaction is complete, Stenson Tamaddon provides post-transaction support, including any follow-up documentation, reporting, and assistance with potential future transactions.

Throughout the process, Stenson Tamaddon acts as a knowledgeable intermediary, guiding the Clean Energy Developer and the C-Corp buyer through each step to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. Their expertise helps to maximize the financial benefit for the developer while providing valuable clean energy tax credits to the buyer to offset their tax liabilities and support their sustainability goals.

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