Why Form 8821 Matters Now More Than Ever

This year’s tax season is well underway and the IRS is in full swing of processing returns. In fact, this year, they’re working through 8.1 million unprocessed returns, and the tax season is only half over. For businesses filing with an authorized accounting service, including Stenson Tamaddon, one of the easiest ways to streamline returns is by filling out tax information authorization Form 8821

What Exactly is Form 8821?

In short, Form 8821 is a one-page tax document that is necessary for accounting services, including Stenson Tamaddon, to be able to file your business tax returns and track your payment status. 

According to the IRS, “Form 8821 authorizes any individual, corporation, firm, organization, or partnership you designate to inspect and/or receive your confidential information verbally or in writing for the type of tax and the years or periods you list on Form 8821.” 

Of note: Form 8821 does not grant power of attorney rights including speaking to the IRS on your behalf, executing waivers or closing agreements, or any other representative matters. For those additional allowances, you’ll want to talk with the Stenson Tamaddon team and consider filing Form 2848

Why File Form 8821?

Form 8821 helps Stenson Tamaddon in a multitude of ways including:

  • Receiving your transcripts, account information, and payments made to an account. As a tax credit partner, this allows us to get a full picture of your tax information. We’ll be able to review your transcripts, account information, payments made to an account and work with you for the best solutions and next steps.
  • Receiving copies of IRS notices before they’re sent to you. This lets us get a jumpstart for resolving any issues one or more days before you receive those same IRS notices in the mail.
  • Save time with team collaboration. This lets our team work together without requiring individual allowances. You’ll be able to save time by filling out one form and we’ll be ready to collaborate to deliver optimal results with minimal disruption for you or your business.
  • Peace of mind. Unlike Power of Attorney Form 2848, Tax Information Authorization Form 8821 automatically expires. This allows Stenson Tamaddon to work with you on your taxes while not requiring specific revoking actions.

Form 8821 gives Stenson Tamaddon the ability to complete your IRS tax paperwork and track your payment status. 

How Do I Get Started?

Form 8821 and instructions can be found on the IRS website, but the Stenson Tamaddon team goes a step further. We take the guesswork out of deciphering tax form instructions and ready forms for clients. Operations Manager Brittany Perez says, “We actually fill out the whole form, their EIN, address, business name, etc. All our clients need to do is print, sign, and mail it back into our firm.”

Once Stenson Tamaddon receives the completed form, we file it directly with the IRS and get to work delivering human resources and technology-enabled services for our clients.

How Stenson Tamaddon Can Help

At Stenson Tamaddon, we’ve helped thousands of customers file. We know how to get things rolling quickly without adding more to your business tasks. Uncover answers to your most pressing questions on our homepage, Stenson Tamaddon.

Take the Next Step

Ready to get started? Contact a Stenson Tamaddon professional today to take the next step. Our done-for-you model means we submit the application with you to the bank.

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